Having cured nearly 1 million patients in Egypt in 2016, the Tour n’ Cure program is committed to putting an end to Hepatitis C worldwide by starting a global movement to #StopTheWait for their treatment.


For every 1,000 supporters to the #StopTheWait cause, Tour n’ Cure will provide free treatment to one patient.

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How can i get started

Send us all the personal and medical details related to your Hepatitis C condition. Upon approval of your medical condition by a qualified hepatologist, book yourself to join the program. It is as simple as that.

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Let's Walk the Walk

Just register your name, personal information and basic information about your medical condition. A medical representative will get in touch with you and you may be asked to provide more information regarding your condition or more recent test results to be evaluated by our team of specialized hepatologists.

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Medical Evaluation

Upon evaluation of your health condition, our team of hepatologists will provide you with the best course of treatment and you will be offered a place on the Tour n’ Cure program. All you have to do is select the preferred place of stay, travel period, and inform us if you will be accompanied by someone on your trip. Accordingly, you will receive a quote confirmation from us and you can proceed with payment on our website.

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Let the Journey Begin

The real journey starts on your arrival in Egypt. Your orientation will begin and you will get thoroughly examined using our specialized equipment and initiate your treatment.

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Explore Egypt

After our treatment initiation, you will get to see the sights of Egypt and explore all the beautiful things the country has to offer. By this point, you should start to feel the medicine take effect.

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During your time in Egypt, your progress will be constantly monitored and towards the end of your stay, you will receive the rest of your medication.

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Follow up

You will fly back home and continue taking your provided medication for 3 - 6 months depending on your treatment plan. We will require a primary blood test one month after you have started your medication, and a final blood test 3 months after you have completed your treatment, ensuring that the virus has been completely eradicated.

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New Start

Now, the wait is finally over and you can start a new chapter in your life by joining Tour n’ Cure ambassadors’ team to help us sharing your amazing story with thousands of others who are fighting the same battle.

Get Started NOW

Just register your name, personal information and one of our medical representatives will be contacting you shortly.

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